The inspired, artistic process defines a creative life, it is something born out of passion and endless curiosity.


I know that making creative projects part of your every day life can lead to a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It doesn’t matter how big or small or if the end result gains an audience bigger than one, engaging in the process is enough to enrich your life. I hope this site will continue to give you creative inspiration on a daily basis. This is where you’ll find regular links to resources and ideas on how to connect with your artistic self. In time we’ll also be able to share our work with the community that will develop around our every day expressions of imagination and inspiration. Welcome to the possibilities that consistent creativity will bring.


Extract from ‘Detective Suarez’

This is an extract of my upcoming crime fiction book set in a South American city - Santiago Heat (working title) The rain brought silence. A victim’s silence. It was one of the few showers that fell on San Martin and to Detective Suarez’s dismay, it had fallen last...

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Short Fiction – ‘Castro’

Staying in Castro for a week. The town is emptier than I expect. San Martin, the main street is where the locals come to shop. But right now everything is closed, shuttered or padlocked. A department store sits nestled between a fishmonger and a grocer. Its huge glass...

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