Osvaldo Quintanilla picked up his first crayon when he was three years old and realised immediately drawing was something he loved to do. His early childhood in Chile was filled with creative projects, always encouraged by his family. When Osvaldo was five, the family moved to Melbourne, Australia and his creative life continued as he explored ways to incorporate it into every day. His creativity is a constant source of satisfaction and fulfilment and he is keen to share this possibility with everyone who reads his books or visits this website.

Osvaldo has worked as a graphic designer for over 20 years. He taught graphic design and typography at RMIT and his own projects include drawing, writing and influenced by his father, a cabinetmaker, designing and building furniture.

He has written screenplays, short films, short stories and fiction for the past 12 years. The inspired, artistic process has defined Osvaldo’s life, it is something he is passionate about and now wants to encourage others to believe in their own creative force.

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