I know that making creative projects part of your every day life can lead to a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment. It doesn’t matter how big or small or if the end result gains an audience bigger than one, engaging in the process is enough to enrich your life. I hope this site will continue to give you creative inspiration on a daily basis. This is where you’ll find regular links to resources and ideas on how to connect with your artistic self. In time we’ll also be able to share our work with the community that will develop around our every day expressions of imagination and inspiration. Welcome to the possibilities that consistent creativity will bring.

Do more with your inspiration

Inspiration_ideas_featureIf you’ve ever had the inspiration to start a creative project, no doubt you would have been filled with excitement and enthusiasm in the beginning. Once you started working on the painting for example you might have found yourself loosing momentum…

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The Art of Doodling

doodle_featureI have always enjoyed doodling or as I like to think of it – ‘free drawing’. Long before I started writing I would draw in sketchbooks or school exercise books – wherever there was a blank area on paper. There wasn’t any real purpose to these doodles; I just went with the flow of ink on paper…

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How to Use Mindfulness to Help Creativity

mindfulness-feature-340x148Mindfulness is an age-old eastern technique. More recently western thinking has employed techniques such as Mindfulness and Meditation to help people reduce their work related stress…

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