Creative Reboot

This guide will help you complete the exercises shown in the Creative Reboot book. And in only 15 Minutes a Day.

So you have been thinking about doing something creative but never get the time or inspiration to start.

Download it below and begin working with the easy to do exercices today!


This is the companion booklet for the Createive Reboot book. With the simple exercives that will get your creative juices flowing – You’ll be surprised how quick and easy it is to get started with only a few basic tools.

By following the steps in this book you will find creative motivation and inspiration. You will see how quickly you can learn the techniques and tips and start on your new creative project today.

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Tried and true methods to find creative inspiration for your projects


Simple creative tips that uncover talents you never knew you had


Learn how to use mindfulness to help the creative process


Use your daily routines to find new ideas and insights


Exercises that take 15 minutes or less to get you started and still see the benefits of creativity

This easy-to-follow and motivational book will show you how to change your life to become a creative doer. Find simple ways of getting creative inspiration everyday by changing your habits. You will unlock your full creative potential by doing simple tasks and exercises that you can fit in your busy schedule. Each exercise is tailored to build on skills you already have in quick easy 15 minute intervals. You will get practical tips on fitting a creative life within your current lifestyle.

In the busy world we live, being creative can seem a bit of a luxury. It's the thing you'd like to do if you have time, but you seldom do. I was pleased then to see the exercises the author has in his book take no longer than 15 mins to complete! One of the things he talks about is switching off certain things in your life, so you can turn on more creative generating activities. One of the things he suggests is turning off your TV so you can have more time to be creative. I also liked his idea of finding a specific space in your home where creativity can take place.

B Watson

This is a easy to read book. Each chapter is based on immense wisdom. At the same time, none of the steps mentioned in the book are impractical or difficult. The workbook has many exercises that will help you to unlock any creative block that you have. My personal favourite is journaling. Just pick the practice that suits you and follow the steps mentioned in the book. The author has done a great job in compiling all the great resources and put them down in an easy to follow approach.

Shreya Kundu

This little book would have helped me to find my own creative outlet much faster. It details a simple, do-able, approach to overcoming self-doubt and exercising your hidden creative abilities, whatever they are. It does this by allowing you to creep up on your buried abilities (the ones you, and maybe others, deny you have) without being diverted by the crushing, cynical, negativity that comes with your very first, tentative foray into a more satisfying life. Having battled far too long with that stage myself, with no help at all, I can tell you that Osvaldo Quintanilla has discovered all the ways that work, and this little book will help anyone get through to the satisfying stage of actually composing, writing, painting, capturing or making, and finally realizing your own, inner creative selves. The techniques seem simple, but they work, as all good simple truths do. I really wish I had found this little gem of a book when I started.

Bernard Peasley

About the author.

Osvaldo has written in a variety of forms; including screen plays, short films, short stories and fiction for the past 12 years. This book is his first foray into non-fiction.
As an enthusiastic creative person Osvaldo has explored many ways of being creative in his daily life: from screen printing, furniture design, drawing to writing fiction. His experience of working in busy and demanding roles has taught him how to consistently come up with new ideas when needed, and most importantly how to balance his time between work and his own creative projects. He is passionate about the creative process and knows how fulfilling and ultimately satisfying it is to pursue your own creativity.
You can find out more about Osvaldo on or connect via twitter, facebook and youtube
Osvaldo Quintanilla